My Family

My Family

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Second Week with Miss Holland!

Our second week started by Trevor going back to work...well, kind of! He was working from home in the morning and helping during breakfast and lunch time and then he actually went into his office after lunch to work. I was SO THANKFUL he was working from home in the morning because we were still getting used to a routine and trying to get everyone fed and happy can get chaotic around here! Haha! Thankfully the weather was nice so we were outside a lot and we went on several adventure walks which was great for all of us!

The boys got to help Great Grandma in her garden and pick some strawberries.

Miss Holland was the only one of us that was dressed cute everyday with her bow on! Haha! 

I just love these two and their special bond!

I'm not sure how she does it, but she slept through the boys playing with legos multiple times! Haha! 

Working our way to tummy time! I seriously LOVE these books! I think she enjoys looking at them too! 
She really is the perfect model for my book biz! Haha! 

They already have such a special bond! He asks to hold her every day. The other day I was in the bathroom and Holland started to cry. Brooks ran in there and started talking to her. He kept saying, "it's okay baby Holland, mom will be right back. She's just going to the bathroom. It's okay!"

Love this little boy! 

She's just the cutest little thing!

The boys love building forts and then bringing their flashlights and shine-a-light books in there.  Holland had a long nap that morning, so it was nice to hang out with just these two again.

My jeans fit! It's a miracle! They are not anywhere close to comfortable, but they fit and I could stand to wear them for about 5 hours! Haha!

So sweet! 

Matching Flamingos!

For Mother's Day we got Trevor's mom a tree, so Trevor and the boys helped to plant it.

They did a great job! 

Haha! When dad's in charge your bow gets turned around backwards and covers your whole face! 

Our 2nd week ended with Mother's Day! My kiddos (aka, their dad) spoiled me rotten! I sure didn't mind it! I got the SWEETEST cards and gifts and I got to spend the day with these 3 who call me mom!

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