My Family

My Family

Friday, June 5, 2015

4th Anniversary

This year was definitely an exciting one! I would have to say it was the best year yet and for so many reasons! (I know that sounds really cliche!) Here are all of the events year 4 brought!

Trevor and I both knew going into year 4 that we were taking new jobs! I switched from Union to BA and Trevor switched from EY to Samson Resources. I didn't know it at the time, but for me, it was the best year I would have had yet. I had the most INCREDIBLE students. I built such great relationships with them that when I left on Christmas break I teared up and I really wasn't ready for the last day of school with them! It was just an incredible year!

We went to my cousins wedding in Kansas. 

We went to see Wicked!

We vacationed in Port Aransas with Trevor's dad. 

We went to Michigan with my family. 

We went on a houseboat trip with friends and had so much fun!

We got OSU season tickets for football. It was so much fun seeing college friends each weekend!

We ran a 5k in support of our good friend Morghan's mom!

I started singing at Lifechurch in February 2014, but I really feel like the fall/winter of 2014 is when I really made a connection with the members of the band and just felt a whole new confidence when I was on stage. It is one of the things I look forward to every week. I truly think this church and the relationships we have built through it are timeless!

We went to Arkansas with friends and went to a football game there for the first time. 

We bought a hot tub!!

We threw our first baby shower for our neighbors. 

We started reading the bible together, so we could read cover to cover in a year. 

We went to a basketball game in Stillwater. 

We got to see Garth Brooks in concert!

We bought a new car!!! And sadly, sold the Golden Goddess. 

I started singing at Switch for Lifechurch while Trevor played softball on Wednesday nights. Many of my students came to Switch on Wednesdays and it was so neat to see my relationship with each of those students grow!

We took a weekend trip to Eureka Springs just the two of us for a goal setting weekend! It was so romantic!

Our friends from Houston came to visit on the snowiest weekends we had in Tulsa!

We both turned 27. 

We went to our first hockey game together. 

We made some new friends that it feels like we've known forever. 

We went on a ski trip with our Lifegroup, who we consider some of our best friends!

We got tattoos!!!

Trevor shot his first turkey!

We played more ping pong than I've probably ever played in my life!

We celebrated our 4 year anniversary!!

When I think about year 4, the word that comes to mind is "relationships". I truly think this is the year we made some of the best friends, whether is was strengthening the friendships we already had, making new friends, the relationships that I build with all of my students and colleagues, the friendships that stemmed from Trevor's new job. And most importantly, the relationship we have with #1, so my relationship with #2 can be the best it's ever been. I didn't go into year 4 expecting this, but our friends and family have truly exceeded my expectations! I am just so overwhelmed by the amount of support that people have for us!

We stuck to our theme of cooking dinner together at home and just enjoying each other's company. Yesterday morning Trevor took me to my favorite breakfast...doughnuts and coffee (I know, so healthy! Lol! That's why I try and only have it on special occasions!) Trevor then had to work, but I met him for lunch downtown and we ate at El Guapo. When Trevor got off work, I took him to get his anniversary present, which was a pistol. Year 4 is either traditional- fruit or modern- appliance. So I decided a pistol was kind of like an appliance. Trevor went the fruit route. We will be taking a trip to Texas so we can go to a winery. Also, while we are there we will be visiting one of my very good friends and her husband! I cannot wait for this little getaway. That evening we made shrimp skewers on the grill and I always make a special dessert of some kind. This year it was a brownie and strawberry dessert. It doesn't really have a name, but it was delicious! I'll have to share the recipe sometime. It was from Trevor's grandma, so I guess I need to make sure it's not a family secret first! ;)


I have no idea what year 5 will bring, but I'm thinking the word "change" will probably be fitting!

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