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My Family

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Around the Classroom

Many of you know I teach 6th grade math and have done so for now over 3 years!! So crazy how time flies!! My first few years I really didn't know what to hang on the walls of my classroom. Looking back, I think I used to just hang clutter! I never referenced any of it, it was just "stuff" on the wall for the sake of having something on the wall. And then each year I would add more "stuff" to it! This year I wanted to hang useful stuff! I really didn't hang anything at the beginning of the year. The one big thing I put on the wall was my student quilt. Each student had a square all about them and when we put them all together it made a quilt (paper quilt, that is!) As the year progressed it kind of took a beating with kids walking by, etc. so I eventually had to take it down. It left a big wall for me to fill. I re-looked at all my posters that I used to have hanging and I just didn't like any of them. I wanted something useful! So I had my intern make me some posters! I eventually want one for every concept that we cover so I can hang it at the front of the room when we learn it and then maybe transfer it to the back of the room as we go through different concepts. (I saw this done in a language arts classroom awhile back with anchor charts and such). That way I can keep them hanging all year and refer to them anytime we need to review! Here are the few that we have made!

Divisibilty Rules

Adding and Subtracting Fractions - such a hard concept for kids!

Multiplying Fractions

Dividing Fractions

I've always loved this poster since I saw it...
So I had my intern make me one!! 
Such a good thing to reiterate to students daily!!

For now, I am on Spring Break and loving every minute!!

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