My Family

My Family

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Whiskey is Back!!!

If you can remember from a couple posts ago, Trevor's dad took our hunting dog with him to North Dakota for his big hunting trip! Apparently he did great!! The guy that also went and also trains dogs said that Whiskey has the most drive he has ever seen, which I completely agree! He is constantly go-go-go!!! In the house, he gets to going so fast, his tail knocks things over that are on his level! We have also banned playing fetch in the house because things get so crazy! 
I told Bobby that the only way he could take Whiskey is if I got a picture at least every other day! I definitely didn't get one every other day, but he did send a few...
He's so handsome!!

Kenny and Whiskey

Whiskey in his blind. 

Those are the 4 pictures I got! I know he had a blast but I'm so happy to have him home!!! From the looks of it, I think he missed sleeping inside! 

He normally sleeps on his bed, but I'm guessing he thought he could get away with sleeping with one of our pillows since he'd been gone so long!!

Also, we are looking for someone to breed him with...if you know of someone with a female lab wanting to breed, please let me know!!! 

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