My Family

My Family

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Port Aransas

This year for the 4th of July we decided to join Trevor's dad, Bobby and fiancé, Beverly on their yearly vacation to Port Aransas. Beverly used to come all the time with her daughters, so we decided to make a big family vacation out of it. The four of us drove from OK and 2 of Beverly's daughters came with their families which are from around the Fort Worth area and the other being from the Austin area. We left Wednesday when everyone got off work and drove all night. Trevor and I entertained ourselves by downloading movies on the iPad. Trevor has been wanting to see the Sherlock Holmes movies, so we downloaded a bundle of the two. On the way there we watched the first one. 
Not going to lie, I actually really liked it! 

I slept the majority of the rest of the time and we arrived in Port Aransas around 6 in the morning. We made a pit stop at the grocery store, ate some breakfast and then at 9 we were able to get access to our condo! Our condo was amazing!! 

After we got settled in a bit, we went out on the boat with Beverly's daughter and son-in-law, Kaci and Kenny. 

Love pelicans!
A pirate ship did tours all throughout the day!

Hanging out in the water. 
I was much more comfortable in the boat! Haha! - not a big fish fan!

That evening we went and ate dinner at Stephanie's Spaghetti Works and Seafood; it was delicious!! When we got back we just relaxed on our deck, watched the sunset and Trevor and I went for a little late night swim!

On Friday, Trevor woke up really early and went on an all day fishing trip while I hung out with the girls! 
We went to the beach and hung out by the pool and just relaxed. 
Trevor and the guys had a successful fishing trip! They caught over 30 some fish!

That night was the fireworks show. So we went and ate (seafood, of course) at Castaways. 
And them watched the fireworks from our deck at the condo!

The next day Trevor and I decided to hang out just the two of us in the morning. We took a drive down the really do get to drive down the beach! Pretty neat! 

The beaches were covered in seaweed

We then went and grabbed some brunch at Fins! So good!!
Watching the boats at Fins
Fishing from a jet that is something I want to see!!

Since the beaches were covered with seaweed, we decided to go back and hang out in the pool for the afternoon. 

That evening we did a crawfish boil. 

Trevor playing with his food!
It definitely weirded me out, so I didn't try any!

But goodness, these boys can seriously eat some crawfish!

Sunday morning we had to get packed up and head on our way. We weren't driving straight through this time; instead we were stopping in the Austin area and spending the night with Kaci and Kenny. When we got to their house we got unpacked and then headed to dinner at The Salt Lick. It's this really neat German BBQ restaurant. It has a great atmosphere, outdoor waiting area with live music, a wine bar, a pick 6 beer area, and the restaurant is huge! If you're ever in the area I recommend checking it out!

Great company!

The next morning we got up and headed on our way home! Trevor and I watched the second Sherlock Holmes, A Game of Shadows to pass the time...I fell asleep while watching this one, so I have no idea of it was good or not. But Trevor did say it was good!

We had a great time on our vacation with family! I think our puppies were happy to have us home though, and it was great sleeping in my own bed again!! Thank you to everyone who made it a great vacation!

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