My Family

My Family

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Time Flies When You're Having Fun

I can't believe so much time has passed since I last blogged. Life has just been crazy and I don't see it slowing down any time soon! I had some time to relax and breathe today, so I thought I should catch up on work and blog a bit! Since Homecoming weekend work and home life has been busy busy! As of last week I started tutoring after school. So I stay at school a little longer 2 days a week and I have a small group of students come to me for an hour or so and we go over objectives from 5th grade to hopefully catch them up to 6th grade objectives. Some of the students I have in class already and others are from a different team. They seem like a great group, so I'm excited to get to do this. My team also had to plan the first assembly for the 6th grade. So we were a little busy getting everything prepared for that. One of our talented students sang the National Anthem and she did a fantastic job! I love knowing that young students are involved in the arts, even though I am the math teacher I try to stress the importance of extra curricular activities in the arts!
Last weekend I went to Dallas for a great friends bachelorette party...and Trevor went to OKC for the bachelor party. I don't have any pictures from Trevor's adventure, but I do have a couple from mine.
The Beautiful Bride-to-be!!

My wonderful roommate for the weekend!! ;)

What a fun group of girls!!
When we got home from our trips, Whiskey helped us with the laundry...

He is getting so big!! He is almost 11 weeks old and he weighs just shy of 20 pounds!

This weekend was the Schemmer/Neafus wedding and it was a blast! Trevor left for North Dakota on Friday morning, so he was unable to make it to the festivities, but I still had a great time!!
Schemmer/Neafus Rehearsal Dinner

My date for the evening!

Beautiful Girls!

Love these two handsome gentlemen!


Mr. and Mrs. Schemmer!!!


My date! ;)

my other date! ;)

Best Friend!!
Mrs. Schemmer!!!
It was such a great weekend!! I now have the house to myself for a full week!!! ...I think I'll probably be a little bored by the end of the week...but I'm sure Trevor is having fun hunting with his dad and uncle! Only 7 more school days until Thanksgiving break...but who's counting! ;)
Have a great week!!

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