My Family

My Family

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Handyman 102

So I can honestly say I did not help with this project at all...but if I am being completely honest with everyone, neither did Trevor. I titled it this because, as I mentioned before, we decided to tackle some projects "ourselves" to save some money. Well luckily, Trevor's dad knows some people and his friend did our back splash for us. We were there watching the whole time, but we really didn't do much to help. Here are some pictures of our AMAZING back splash in the making!

starting...a refrigerator will go right there in the middle.
Finished with this wall....

starting on the next wall...PS-our stove/oven is not blue. That is a protective sheet over it!

Almost finished...just had to add some to the sides!
finished on this side!

Close up!
We are so happy with how everything turned out!!! Thank you Lee!

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