My Family

My Family

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Holland is 2 Months

How does time fly faster with each child? Miss Holland is 2 MONTHS!!

She is just a doll!!

She is smiling more and more, she is starting to coo and it’s probably my favorite sound! She is also sleeping through the night! She kind of cluster feeds toward the end of the night, which I think makes her sleep so well. We usually get her down between 9:30/10 and she doesn’t wake up in 7:30/8! I sure can’t complain about that. We usually have to change her sheets daily because she pees though her clothes going that long of a stretch. She definitely loves her brothers! If she starts to cry, Brooks and Rhett run to her and talk to her. It’s the sweetest! They are going to have the best bond! I pray everyday that my kids grow up close to each other. My brother and I had a great relationship and I want that for my kids!

Some days you just want to get ready with mom! 

When we visit dad’s work we get a story read to us too!

Rhett and Holland were cheering on bub!

These faces are too funny!

Swimming day!

Girlfriend is just chillin’

Holland meeting her new best friend! We had some workers in our house doing stuff, so I took the kids to Edmond to visit a friend for the day!

Love you Mere!!! Eloise is BEAUTIFUL!

Lifegroup swim night! 

These are some of my favorite people! 

And popsicles for the kids! 

Bath time for this little girl! This is one of my favorite towels and by far the softest! 

Tummy time with dad!

Rhett and I watching bubs play t-ball!

Kiddie pool time! They love this thing!

YOGA!!! We just recently got 2 new Yoga books and we are loving them! 

Some comparisons. Brooks - Rhett - Holland

I love the support my family gives me in running a business! We had our National Convention a few weeks back and this guy did everything he could to give me the time to invest in my business! So thankful for my husband and that he helps me pack books, takes them to the post office, creates spreadsheets to get the best deal and gives me the time I need to dedicate to this business! My kids are equally as involved. They go live with me, they put stickers (aka: address labels) on all the packages and are always willing to help! 

They fall asleep like this probably 3-4 nights a week!

My little chunky monkey! 

I’m telling you, this sweet girl had brought out a whole new side in Brooks!

Brooks is enjoying “reading” to bubs!

Morning chats

Hot mess! Stole my coffee and lost his shoe!

I got all of these books for FREE!!! Literally, I paid nothing! Now this is a serious perk of being a book lady!

“Hey mom! Look 👀 I’m doing tummy time just like Holland! Haha!

It wasn’t under the best circumstances but I’m so glad my brother got to meet Holland!

Saying our final goodbye’s to Great Grandpa! 

Holland wore purple to the funeral in honor of Great Grandpa. 

Love this lady and that we get to raise our kiddos kind of near by! 

Tummy time with dad!

Her little smile! So precious!

Chatting with each other!!

Look at this beautiful bookshelf! The majority of those books were free or significantly discounted! What an amazing thing to provide to my kids! 

We are all into Yoga right now! This Forest Animals Yoga book is so fun! 

The sweetest little thing!!

I can’t believe it’s already July! Holland turned 2 months old on June 26th! I have LOVED the time I’ve gotten to spend with family! I love that I get to stay home but also bring in a great income! I wouldn’t trade time with my kids for anything! I love you miss Holland!! 

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