My Family

My Family

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Holland Rose’s BIRTH day!

This birth day experience was like no other! I was really battling with her “birth date” because so many family members have birthdays in April, I really wanted to let everyone have their own special day! God even delivers and cares for us with those seemingly insignificant details! 

I’d say it all started April 24th. That night I was talking to Brooks and out of no where he says, you know you’re going to the hospital tomorrow to have Baby Holland, right? I slightly believed him since he was the only one who knew Holland was going to be a girl wayyyy before we found out the gender. That night we went to bed like normal and I had kind of been dreading actual bedtime because I was really struggling with sleep. Falling asleep was a struggle and staying asleep is a struggle. That night I slept pretty well until around 1:30. At 1:30am I was awoken by a contraction, then another one at 1:40, 1:55, 2:03, 2:10, 2:17, 2:28, etc. The doctor said don’t come to the hospital until you have 10 an hour. This continued until 4am. I even got up, started to pack a bag (ha! I still hadn’t even started), decided to curl my hair since I had just taken a shower to pass a little more time to see if these were going anywhere. They completely stopped at 4 and I was averaging 8 an hour.. And then I guess I fell asleep. At 7 Trevor and I got up as normal thinking hmmm...that was weird, but I guess no baby today. 

Saturday the 25th came and we had things to do. At like 8 that morning a friend even texted me saying she felt like I was going to have this baby today and she’d be praying for me. Too funny! Like I said, we had things to do. We went by Trevor’s work to get a few things, I had to mail some items at the post office, we had to go to the grocery store, get a car wash, etc. Then, that evening Trevor’s dad and wife were planning to bring us dinner for Trevor’s birthday. 

Starting at 7:03am, I honestly had contractions all day long. They were just super spaced out and nothing to write home about. They hurt, don’t get me wrong, they would stop me in my tracks, but there was nothing consistent about them. Sometimes it was 1 or 2 an hour, sometimes they were 4 min apart.

That evening Trevor’s dad and wife brought us dinner. Around the time they arrived I started having contractions VERY frequently. I decided I wasn’t really going to count them, but while we had company I was going to write down times when I felt the contractions. I wasn’t going to worry about it until after they left and I’d count them then based on what I wrote down. Turns out, from 5-8pm I was basically having between 10 and 13 contractions each hour. I had a feeling before we ate dessert that we’d be going to the hospital but there was no way I was going to say anything until I had dessert! 

So after Trevor’s dad left, I told Trevor it was time to go! I actually packed my bag, ha, changed the sheets since Trevor’s mom and stepdad would be staying at our house with the boys and we were out the door and at the hospital  by 8:35.  Not before we took our obligatory photo! 

When we got to the hospital Trevor had to drop me off on the 6th floor and then he had to go back down to the first floor and check in. They got me into a room pretty quickly but also said that they might send us home if I’m not far enough along or progressing. I was alone for about 20 minutes and then Trevor was able to come up after he was screened and checked in.

With this whole COVID-19 stuff obviously it felt like a weird time to be having a baby, but here we were! Thankfully we only had to wear the masks upon arrival and any time we were in the hallways.  

They finally checked me and I was at 5 cm, which already means they probably wouldn’t have sent me home. But then 20 min later I was already at 6 cm so they had me in my own room ready to go by 9:25. Contractions were honestly getting really close together and extremely painful by about 10:30, so I requested that amazing epidural! At 3:30am I was at 8cm, by 4 I was at 9cm and by 4:30 I was at a 10 and ready to go. The nurses were all coming in, getting everything set, things coming down from the ceiling, all the times. There was just one problem, my water hadn’t broke yet. How are you at a 10 and ready to go but your water hasn’t broke yet? Haha! So we waited. And waited. And waited. The nurses weren’t allowed to break my water and the dr said to wait, so we did. At this point my contractions because close to nothingness and it seemed like we were headed back to square one.  

I hadn’t slept all night, I tried but I was too excited and honestly even with the epidural I was just uncomfortable. So I did some online shopping, read my bible plan, read my BSF study for the week, prayed, listened to music...and then around 7:15 I started getting so tired. So I closed my eyes and finally drifted to sleep around 7:30am. At 7:35 the doctor came in and said, are you ready to have this baby? Ha, my timing was terrible for sleep! He broke my water and they started a little bit of Pitocin to get my contractions going again. I started pushing at 8:22 and baby girl made her appearance at 8:35am. 

Born: 4/26/20 at 8:35am
Weight: 7 lbs 5 oz 
Height: 20.25 inches

I always love a good comparison! Brooks - Rhett - Holland

That night went really well and we were both able to get a little sleep which was nice. The nursery even took her for about 5 hours. They were trying to limit babies in the nursery because of everything going on but thankfully that night there was one 1 other baby in there. 

We had all our paperwork done and we’re able to leave by 12:45pm on Trevor’s birthday, just in time to go and get A yummy birthday lunch! 

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