My Family

My Family

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Rhett Turned 22 Months on August 9th!

My child is accident prone and it's not so easy on this mama's heart! 

The boys and I were having lunch together and Rhett was sitting on a barstool like normal. He started to hate his high chair and wanted to sit like a big boy just like brother. So, we had been letting him do that. I went to grab some wipes and when I turned around the barstool was in mid fall and I couldn't get there in time. When it fell over the first thing to hit was Rhett's head on the sharpest part of our trim! He was vomiting a little and blood was coming out of his mouth so I was definitely freaking out! He cried constantly for about an hour and a half. Nothing I did calmed him down and that is totally NOT like Rhett! He is tough and usually gets over most things quickly, but this felt different. Trevor rushed home so he could take us all to the ER. Rhett actually had another bruise on forehead from earlier that day, so that was fun explaining to the nurse and doctor about the TWO injuries on his head and then having to explain that we have been here twice before for head injuries!! The doctor ended up doing a CT scan because the indention was pretty large on the back of his head. Thankfully, everything came back fine and little man recovered perfectly! Man, this kid keeps me on my toes! Brooks has never been to the ER and Rhett has now gone 3 times!!! Brooks is my cautious kid which is more like my personality and Rhett totally has Trevor's personality in this regard. 

I love seeing them play together! 

This boy got a bike for his birthday and I LOVED watching him master pedaling and really take off!!


This little boy LOVES to eat! If I even walk in the kitchen he is at my feet trying to get some food! I started putting him in his high chair with a book when I would go and make breakfast or lunch and it has worked PERFECTLY!! It's so much more peaceful now! Haha! 

In the mornings at breakfast this month we have been working on our COLORS!!! I love that this book introduces so many more colors than just blue, green, red. It talks about denim, turquoise, sage, peach, burgundy, etc! 

We were on vacation most of this month so I don't have that many pictures to share, but here are a few of my favorites of Rhett on vacation!

beach hair, don't care!

They let him ride his first big boy ride!!

This NEVER happens anymore! Little man was SO tired he actually fell asleep on his trike! Haha! My sister-in-law noticed just in time and then he slept on Trevor most of lunch! I honestly embrace these moments when they happen because they are so rare!

Snacks are life! Haha! 

After vacation it was back to the daily grind! Haha! These two love helping me make breakfast or bake just about anything!

For those of you that don't know, Build a Bear offers a Birthday Bear and you only pay the price of your child during their birthday month!

Meet Oski!

So I have to explain this next picture...I HATE BUGS! No matter the bug, if I can I will kill it! I think I have passed my fear on to my kids! HA! Rhett was totally fine and then he saw that grasshopper on the glass and FREAKED OUT!! I saw his happy go lucky face turn to shear panic in a matter of seconds! Poor guy!

Every day this kid wakes up from his nap way earlier than brother. I think he does it intentionally to get some one-on-one time with mama! I'll take it! We love to get 20 books down from the bookshelf, spread them all out and rarely finish one! Haha! That's okay! It's our special time and I wouldn't change it.

Brooks and I went on a date together last week! I dropped Rhett off with my parents and me and Brooks headed to the movies! We saw Toy Story 4 and he did amazing!! There were a couple times he got a little antsy (after his popcorn ran out, ha) that I asked if he wanted to leave but he told me he wanted to finish the movie. So we stayed until the end and he had a blast! He tells me about everyday that he LOVED the movies and the popcorn and the candy and he wants to go back!

These two make good work-out partners...sometimes! 


He's like a walking cheeto commercial! 

Morning baking lesson!
Overall, July was rough! HA! We had two WONDERFUL vacations, but the in-between time was tough. I was sick the two weeks between Branson and Michigan, I was also swamped with work, Rhett had his terrible fall which made me not sleep so well for a few nights because I wanted to check on him, etc. So I was happy to welcome August! And now August is half over! The boys are at such a fun age right now...sometimes challenging, but they are actually playing nicely together and we have some really sweet moments daily! We also have some crazy tantrums and LOTS of talks about sharing! HA! I can't believe my littlest is almost 2! Oh and I finally got those pictures that I've been so behind on!

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  1. Oh boy I know that sickening feeling when you hear the thud of your child's head on concrete. My daughter was 15 when she slipped at the pool. Feet went up and head came down first. Like your little darling she was fine but scare the you know what out of me. I think my favorite picture is the one of Rhett and his Dad with the sunglasses. Thanks for sharing. Beautiful family