My Family

My Family

Monday, February 11, 2019

Our 19 in ‘19

Trevor and I are both very goal oriented. We like talking about our goals, we like having deadlines and we like putting it to paper so we can see it daily and have something to work towards. 

We also know we have been called to certain goals and we want to make sure that we are making those things a priority. 

Last year we did 18 in ‘18 and it went really well. I’m not sure how long we’ll keep going with this, but it provided a fun date night to create our 19 in ‘19. It’s exciting talking about the future. It’s exciting talking about things that we want to accomplish, but you have to have a way to get there. That’s why I feel like the yearly planning is good. It’s fun things we want to do this year or feel we’ve been called to or it’s a stepping stone to something bigger we see in our future down the road. Some of these are silly...potty train Brooks (because we all know this will happen on a kid’s own timing) and we have some really frightening give 30% this year! Either way, I think it’s really neat to see where our priorities are and what we think our year will look like. 

I marked a couple off not because we have completed them but because they involve other people and I didn’t want to spoil anything. And some probably don’t make much sense to people, but they mean something to us. 

I am excited to announce that two of these have already been crossed off!!! Team Leader...WAHOO!! And potty train Brooks! He is doing soooo good! 

What are some ways that you create goals and stick to them? 

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