My Family

My Family

Thursday, September 13, 2018

DATE NIGHT - Ping Pong

Most of you probably don't know that Trevor and I are avid ping pong players. We used to have our ping pong table set up in our garage at our old house and we would play all.the.time! When we built this house we knew that setting up the ping pong table again would be a future thing for when we build a garage again (right now we don't have one). So, Trevor decided to somewhat rebuilt our ping pong table so we can play in our house! Haha!

We just got a new dining room table, so we took off and reattached some pieces so it would fit perfectly around our dining room table! 

Most of the date night was spent on the assembling of said ping pong table, but we were able to squeeze in a couple games before we went to bed. The time away from the ping pong table has really affected me!! I LOST both games!!! Like, REALLY lost! I think it is fair to say I was better than Trevor before the time away from playing, but I am going to have to step up my game now! Trevor would probably be mad if I didn't share the first game score, so here it is...I only scored 7...yep, 7 points! 

Anyway, all and all it was a really fun date night and it was so much fun to play again!!!

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