My Family

My Family

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

30th Birthday Extravaganza!

Wow is all I can say! This is a Birthday I will never forget. So many people played such a special role, but the biggest THANKS goes to my hubby who selflessly went above and beyond to make me feel so loved! I’m just going to jump in and show you all the amazing things this man did for me.

Basically there were 30 gifts. Really, it was SO MUCH MORE than that, but that’s how I will keep it organized. 

The first 10 gifts were my favorite food/drinks/games for our trip to Broken Bow. Yes, he planned a weekend getaway with some of my favorite people! It was a 5 bedroom, 4 bathroom, kitchen, dining, living, gameroom and 3 patios cabin. Trevor planned every meal and every activity based on my favorites (Mexican fiesta, pancakes, egg in the holes, jackbox tv, pizza, ice cream snicker bars)! Seriously, Trevor thought of everything to make this weekend perfect! Here are some pictures from our weekend...
Our Cabin

The first night we went to dinner at Grateful Head Pizza and the band playing that night sang me Happy Birthday! Trevor convinced me that the band was going to ask me to come and sing a song, so I was very thankful THEY were the ones singing to ME!

Good lookin' group!

Little Tykes basketball!

We went for a hike that afternoon

These awesome friends even did my workout with me! It was way more fun with a group and since the weather was beautiful, we worked out on the front porch. To be honest, I planned on skipping my workout that day, but when I saw the title was "Dirty 30" I knew I had to do it!

Our make-shift weights :)

FaceTiming little man. It was the first time he got upset when it was time to get off the phone...we might have to rethink FaceTime in the future when we are out of town.
THIS GUY!!! Seriously, he is the BEST husband
#11: Trevor made a 1988 playlist to listen to on Saturday during one of our activities. It definitely wasn't pump up music, but we had fun listening to the "oldies" :)

#12: Prior to my birthday weekend, Trevor gave me a few gifts to get me excited for turning 30. This was one of those gifts. We sat down on February 2nd and looked at this website. It has lots of fun facts about the year 1988.

#13: This was another gift given prior to our weekend getaway. The #1 movie in 1988 was Who Framed Roger Rabbit. We had never seen this movie, nor even heard of it! Ha! So, one of my gifts was to watch the #1 movie in 1988. Have you seen it? It is probably one of those movies I'm good to only watch once. :)

#14: WOW WOW WOW!!! 14 has always been my favorite number growing up and was always my number in sports, so it's only fitting that #14 was the BEST GIFT ANYONE COULD EVER RECEIVE!!! Trevor reached out to 30 people to write me a note, letter, share funny stories, share bible verses, etc. It was the most thoughtful gift ever! I had NO idea he was doing this! On the drive to Broken Bow he gave me this gift and I read them on the drive. Most made me tear up, many made me laugh and ALL of them made me feel so LOVED! THANK YOU to every person who played a part in this gift. You are all getting personal thank yous very soon, but until then, THANK YOU!!!

#15: Trevor knows me too well. He knew that if people were taking the time to write me such thoughtful notes, I would want to send them thank you cards. So, he bought me a box of thank you cards. :)

#16: On February 9th, Trevor surprised me one of my birthday gifts early again. This one made me crack up! You will have to read what is written to get it. :)

#17: My sweet friend Reagan gave me two gifts and one of them was #17. This, again, was one of the most thoughtful gifts I have ever received. She made me a book with 30 memories and ways that I have blessed her. Seriously, how could I not feel so loved after this birthday! We have only known each other for a little over 4 years and we have shared so many laughs, memories, tears, birthdays, new babies, new jobs and all around life change. This girl is a TRUE FRIEND and I will cherish this gift FOREVER!

#18: My sweet friend Bonny gave me cookbook called "29 minutes to dinner" because really, who is excited to actually turn 30! Haha! I'm actually VERY excited about this cookbook. I don't have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen for dinner, so this is going to come in super handy!

#19: This one was a scratch off lottery ticket for the day I'm feel lucky...
I wasn't so lucky :(
#20: My sweet boys made me the cutest gift. Trevor helped the boys make me a t-shirt to wear on our trip to Broken Bow. It has 30 fingers and toes on it.

#21: Trevor knows I LOVE massages, so he offered to give me a 30 minutes back massage. He knows the way to my heart.

#22: Trevor had planned to take me on a private 30 minute hike while we were in Broken Bow in addition to the one we did with everyone. However, it had rained so much the week prior to my birthday weekend that not many trails were open because there was so much water. So, Trevor decided to plan a time where all the couples would do stuff only with their significant other so no one felt like they were missing out on anything with the group. Trevor and I went and walked around a couple shops and bought a couple t-shirts (I'm actually wearing mine as I'm typing this) and then came back to the house and listened to music on the top deck. It was relaxing and peaceful which is just what we needed.

#23: A mason jar filled with 30 pieces of my favorite candy "because I'm sweet". I'm still making my way through this.

#24: This was another gift that was given to me early. Trevor found this neat blog post about 30 lessons I have learned in my 30 years of life. You can read it here. From this post I have learned to DRINK MORE WATER!

#25: A mason jar filled with 60 Hershey's kisses "For the next 60 years, because I'm loved." :) These actually came in handy because on Sunday morning we made pancakes and everyone wanted chocolate chip pancakes, so we chopped some of these up and added it to the batter.

#26: Throughout the weekend Trevor would randomly tell me 5 things he loved about me. This happened 6 times throughout the weekend which made for 30 reasons why he loved me. He sure knows how to make me feel so special!

#27: I absolutely loved number 27! Trevor bought me a shirt that says ORIGINAL 1988. So cool! He gave it to me early so I knew exactly what I would be wearing on Saturday.

#28: Another gift that Reagan gave me was a necklace. I absolutely LOVE it! Check this out...
This one is an image of the sound waves of Rhett babbling

This one is an image of the sound waves of Brooks saying "wuv (love) you" cool is that!!!! This is one of the most thoughtful gifts I have received!

#29: This one made me laugh. This gift was a pen box holder, like the ones you have in elementary school that hold your pencils, crayons, glue, etc. I have 100,000,000 pens around the house. They are all the exact same kind of pen, but I have a lot of them. They were from my classroom when I was teaching. So, Trevor got me this box to help me organize my pen collection. Haha!

#30: 1,988 consecutive minutes dedicated to what I want to do. I haven't cashed this in yet. I'm assuming I'll cash this in on our next semi-chill weekend where we don't have a lot planned. I'm already planning out what all I want to do on these minutes dedicated to me...sushi will definitely be involved! :)

SERIOUSLY THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!! I don't even know how to wrap this up other than to say THANK YOU!! Every person that played a part in this birthday is so special to me! Thank you for your thoughtful words, gifts, time and love! 

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