My Family

My Family

Thursday, November 30, 2017

November Date Nights

We had a lot going on in the month of November, so we made some of our hectic weekends dates and squeezed a couple in different days of the week.

Here we go:

November 2nd: We were headed to Kansas on the 3rd to celebrate my grandparents 65th wedding anniversary, so we spent the 2nd packing! No date night. But we had a great time in Kansas celebrating and seeing family! Plus, the next week we had two date nights. 

November 9th: Trevor has a goal to play guitar by the age of 35. So, he chose to get a guitar lesson from me for date night. He is now on the road to success. 

We also had a date night on the 10th. Trevor’s work celebrated 20 Years with a celebration event. So, Trevor’s mom came and watched the boys and we got dressed up and had a fun evening hearing stories about the company. We also got to eat a fancy meal with both hands, which is rare these days! Unfortunately, I didn’t get one picture of the evening. It was great getting to meet Trevor’s coworkers and it was more confirmation on what a great company CCK is. 

November 16: We were headed to Denton the next morning around 6am so we didn’t have a date night. But, the whole weekend was kind of a date. Trevor’s mom and step-dad came with us and watched the boys during the rehearsal dinner and wedding. So, Trevor and I had a lot of quality time this weekend. You can read about it here

November 23rd: This was Thanksgiving, so we had our date night earlier in the week. We did a craft with the boys. It didn’t go as smooth as I was hoping. Both boys FREAKED out when the paint touched their hands or feet. Haha! But, the end result was super cute...

November 30th: We were planning to put up our Christmas tree but we were both exhausted and Rhett was a bit cranky, so we watched a movie. We watched The Prince of Egypt. We talked about it in our life group like a month ago and kept saying we were going to watch it, so we finally did. 

It was a great month. We were really intentional about quality time whether we were at home or traveling. I’m excited to see what December dates hold as we wrap up 2017. 

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