My Family

My Family

Saturday, August 2, 2014


Last week was our yearly family reunion in Holland, MI. Since Trevor and I got married we have decided to go every other year, and this year was our year to make the trip! It normally is just a relaxing vacation on the beach and a lot of quality family time! This year was no different, other than we got a bit of rain and a cold day.

Trevor and I left Friday evening and drove through the night.
Isn't this just the cutest picture of them getting some shut eye! :)
We arrived in Michigan at about 9:30 in the morning and slept for a few hours at my grandpa's house. I couldn't sleep, so I snapped some photos of these two cuties!
We ate some lunch with my grandpa and then headed to the house that we were staying in for the week.
After we got unpacked we went down to the pier and just walked around for a bit.

Later that evening my parents arrived from Tulsa and my brother arrived from DC and we went and grabbed a bite to eat at Ottawa Beach Inn - a little restaurant really close to where we stay. That night we all went to sleep pretty early because we had all been driving for a day!

On Sunday we got up and went to church. It's really unique because during the summer months they hold a service outdoors because the weather is so beautiful! I was excited because they did several songs that I sing often at Lifechurch!

That afternoon we all went down to the beach and hung out for a bit. It was really foggy, as you can see in this picture. We didn't even know this boat was out there for about half an hour because it was so foggy.
Finally a little sun came out and we got to touch the was about 60 degrees though! So no swimming was happening!

Then out of no where it down poured! We thought about running back to our house, but it's about a half a mile run, so we decided to take cover under the state park building.

After the rain came and went, the fog looked crazy on the sand!

Here are two of my beautiful cousins who got rained on!
The rest of that afternoon we hung out on the porch and watched the rain. Winston enjoyed cuddling up with the colder weather!
After the rain cleared up we headed to the beach again. This time we brought Winston with us. He LOVES the sand and will seriously dig for hours at a time! He is just the cutest the puppy!!!
That night I had to get my FAVORITE ice cream!!! Mackinac Island Fudge! Trevor likes the Michigan Deer Traxx the best! Both make the drive to Michigan worth every hour in the car! - That and getting to spend time with family!

The next day was a cold one! Seriously, the weather is normally beautiful around this time in Michigan but the rain brought in a little cold front. So we decided to go downtown and shop for a bit that afternoon. We also made a little pit stop at the New Holland Brewery.
That night after dinner we went to Tunnel Park as a family to celebrate life and watch the sunset. We never actually got to see a sunset because of the clouds...but this picture sure is pretty!
That night we had game night at our house! We played 3 on a couch and pit!
The next day was mine and Trevor's last day in Holland. We spent the day at the beach and soaked up as much sun as possible. We never made it swimming though because the cold front drastically changed the lake's temperature to a whopping 41 degrees! Are you kidding me! That is freakishly cold!!!
We also played a lot of much that my finger hurt so bad I had to sit out the last day! I know, sounds pathetic!

All the little kiddos enjoyed helping Winston dig his hole.

We left Holland at about 9:30am on Wednesday and made it home in 12 1/2 hours! 
As I have mentioned in posts before, Michigan has always been a special place for me and Trevor. The first time Trevor came with me to Michigan was the first time he told me that he knew he wanted to marry me! He has planned to proposing in Michigan, but he ended up doing it right before summer started because I got a job in Branson and we were going to be living in different states for the summer. So we decided to get our engagement pictures taken there, and I also got my bridal portraits taken there!
Trevor's first year to come to Michigan!
engagement pic

engagement pic

bridal portraits

bridal portraits

Overall, we had a great time in Michigan! Trevor got to play golf a couple times - so he was happy - and I got a few relaxing days on the beach! We got to hang out with my brother that we don't see very often and we got to see several family members that we haven't seen in a few years! We definitely hope the weather is better next time, but it's always a fun time!

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