My Family

My Family

Sunday, March 23, 2014

New Firepit

Since the day Trevor and I moved into our house, we have always wanted to build a firepit. Other things took priority the first year or so but we finally decided it was time. We wanted to use some of our Christmas money for it, so we have just been waiting for busy season to get over and for a nice weekend to come around. That happened to be this past weekend! We first had to lay a concrete footing a week prior so here is what that looked like. 

We already knew where we wanted the firepit because originally there was a tree there and one day we looked outside and Whiskey was carrying the tree around in his mouth...yes, he completely ripped it out of the ground, roots and all!! So we decided it was now a great place for a firepit!

We waited for that to dry and then the building began! We had a lot of family and great friends come over to help! 

We used fire brick on the inside with fire mortar, skinny cinder blocks in the middle and regular bricks on the outside with masons mortar. Luckily we didn't have to buy the outside bricks- a friend gave us those! Thanks Vanessa and Eric!

I think it turned out fantastic!!! 
This is what they were going to blame it on had it turned out bad...

Luckily, that was not the case! I cannot wait to fire it up!! 🔥

We have some ideas for seating, but that is for another day!! 

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