My Family

My Family

Sunday, October 7, 2012

We Love Our Friends!

Things just don't seem to slow down for us and as I looked on the calendar I noticed today that we don't have a free weekend until December 1st. I'm pretty sure when December gets here we will have something planned, but the point it, we have a very busy fall season ahead of us!
This past weekend we had a couple things going on. On Friday night we went to a good friends wedding! It was at Dresser Mansion here in Tulsa and we had such a good time. If you live in Tulsa you know that a huge cold front came in on Friday, so we were all a little cold during the ceremony, but by the time the festivities got going, you pretty much forgot about the cold!
Here are the only pictures I got that evening!

I know this is a really blurry and dark photo, but it is the only group photo I got!
Me and my handsome date!

Great friends and a great couple!

Photo Booth!
On Saturday our good friends Addison and John came in town from Amarillo to hang out! We went to dinner at Sonoma on Brookside and then went out for a bit with friends! We haven't seen them since our wedding, so we had a great time talking and catching up!
The Beautiful Birthday Girl!!

The cutest couple!!! ;)

Overall we had the best weekend!! We now are doing laundry and catching up on house stuff! We also spent the day getting ready for our new pup...we are so excited to get him this Friday!! He will deserve his own post when we get him...poor Winston has no idea what is about to happen to his only childness! Now I'm off to some lesson planning! Hope you have a great week!

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