My Family

My Family

Monday, February 13, 2012

Love Day

Hallmark knew what they were doing when they created a holiday all about Love!! <3

Since busy season takes up most of Trevor's time, we decided to celebrate this past Saturday evening. Trevor has told me for about 5 years now that he would take me to Flemings. But our lives get busy and we just haven't had the opportunity yet. When I got the job at Union, Trevor told me he would take me there as a celebratory dinner. Again, our lives became busy and we didn't have a chance to go. So for Valentine's Day Trevor must have decided it was time because this past Saturday evening he took me on a date to Flemings!
It was quite delicious! I have no complaints! We also exchanged gift! Trevor got me a cute OSU shirt from Victoria's Secret and I got Trevor and Oklahoma City Thunder shirt.

On Sunday, my sweet husband took me to see The Vow. Luckily for him, he coaxed some of his friends to join us! So 6 of us (3 couples) all went and saw the movie together! The girls loved it, and the boys...well they watched it and that was all we could ask of them! ;)

Trevor's stepbrother and his fiance are getting married in April and we attended their couple's shower on Sunday evening!

Me and the Bride to be!

Newlywed Game!

In laws!! ;)
Overall, it was a fabulous weekend! The hubs and I actually got to spend some quality time together, which is unusual for us lately...but well needed! We have so many exciting things coming up...I can't wait to share them all! ;)

XOXO - have a WONDERFUL week!

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