My Family

My Family

Sunday, January 22, 2012


This month is flying by and I have a feeling things aren't going to slow down for awhile!

I don't have too much to update you all on because work has basically been consuming our (mainly Trevor's) lives. We usually leave the house before 7, luckily I get home around 3 or 3:30 and Trevor doesn't get home until after 10! So he has been putting in some loooooong hours! This is where living with the parentals has come in handy because I am not completely along in the evening! I usually have dinner with them and have someone to hang out with until Trevor gets home...which at that point is usually time to go to bed!

I am feeling settled in my classroom and have most of the decor I want on the walls! Overall it has been such a great experience! I have some of the best classes and amazing coworkers! I will say coming from a singing/dancing job to teaching has been quite a life change; but I am loving it! I won't bore you with work details, but my mom and Trevor helped in putting my classroom together, so I wanted to share a couple pics!
These are my flower pens! 6th graders like to "borrow" pens and pencils, so I made mine look different so I don't end up with no pens at the end of the day!

My calendar! I bought the calendar, but I made the month part! I also bought those cute hall passes! I'm sure the boys love carrying zebra hall passes! My mom and Trevor did the border around the dry erase board.   

I'm on the green team, so my curtains I had at all my college houses fit in perfectly! (My mom made these for me my Junior year of college) My mom and Trevor did a great job hanging them!

I got a great idea from a book I read about not having "rules" in your classroom, but instead calling them something other than rules (in my case "Words of Wisdom") and making them all things that fit in with every day life. It's been working really well so far! We add to the list a couple times a week!
A little homework incentive!

This is behind my desk! My awesome Pistol Pete that a good friend made for me (Thanks Andrea!!) and my photo collage of important people in my life!
I can't believe it's the end of the weekend already!!! Have a great Sunday Funday!!!

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